The Day Soundbars Died: Bose Solo TV Sound System

Remember surround sound?  I do.  Never had it, always wanted it, just never wanted wires and speakers all over my living room.  Then came soundbars.  They seemed to work, but a bit cumbersome.  Almost got one, just got lazy.  Today’s find- the Bose Solo TV Sound System: A single speaker designed for enhancing the audio portion of your TV viewing experience, without taking up a ton of room.  The unit measures 7cms high x 52.5cms wide x 30.4cms deep, and was specifically created for flat-panel televisions up to about 42-inches, depending on the size of the base (up to 101cms wide and 26.6 cms deep).  It connects to TVs with just one cable, and a single plug for the wall, and comes with a remote (though it’s also compatible with many universal remotes).  Add an iPod/iPhone docking station to this joint and I’m in!  Get yourself one here for $400.



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