Y-Shield Paint Takes You Completely Off The Grid

Chances are that if you’re on this site, you’re goal in life is probably not to be less wireless.  But if for some reason your presence here is merely a tactic to study everything you stand against, here’s a bonus product that will make your lonely, miserable life easier.  It’s called YShield HSF54 EMR Protection Paint, and in short what it does is protect you from wi-fi.  Supposedly two coats of this stuff will give you 99.995% shielding effectiveness from WLAN, TV antennas, GSM, LTE, CB Radio, DVB, and whatever else you have no use for in the dark, murder chamber that is your home.  The paint works with a mixture of carbons instead of metals, which helps avoid corrosion, and can cover around 7.5 cubic meters per liter of paint.  Who needs wireless signals in their home?  Besides, there’s nothing out there of interest anyway.  Get yourself some here.



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