Digital Electromagnetic Shielding Laptop Tray Protects Your Family Jewels

How many times has the warmth from your laptop made you stop and think “Wait a minute, is this going to prevent me having kids?”  Worry no more, friends, because the Digital Electromagnetic Sheilding Laptop Tray is here.  Not only does this prevent your computer from heating up your thigh meat, it also protects you from 99% of the WiFi radiation it emits.  The tray is equipped with a comfy cushion underneath, as well as two quiet heat dispersing fans that are powered by your USB drive.  It can accommodate up to a 15-inch laptop that weighs up to 2 lbs., and comes with a retractable USB cord.  A You can grab yourself one of these here for $49.95, and worry no more about the future of your last name.



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