Mouse Without Borders review

Mouse without borders is a nifty little software that allows anyone to move their mouse across several screens that are in turn scattered across several PCs, as a bonus the mouse makes it seem like it’s on one single PC because it can share the clipboard so copy/paste across different PCs is now possible.

Initial install is quite painless, the software is distributed as an .msi package which means it can be distributed as a group policy if wanted, across a domain. Sadly though, it’s use on a domain would be limited because it doesn’t as much act as a KVM switch, which is more needed on corporate domains.

The other issue is with the security, I don’t know what kind of security the developer has implemented, but the fact that the Windows Firewall MUST be turned on┬╣ for the software package to install properly is alarming because it points to a program that relies on Windows Firewall for protection and as we all well know, even though it’s come a long way since Windows XP, the Windows 7/8 Firewall might as well be a defective soccer netting in terms of security.

That’s not to mention the fact that once installed, the Windows Firewall service can be disabled altogether without affecting the application.

Another security flaw is that any user can effectively peek with his/her eyes to recover the code from any PC that might be in the same office, effectively obtaining full access to this PC through the remote interface. This is because there’s a “show text” checkmark which shows your PC’s security code. This is the real-life equivalent of locking away your valuables in a Tic-Tac box.

Another issue is that users will naturally be inclined to take windows and try moving them across their screens regardless of which PC they’ll have to cross to perform this operation. Of course this cannot work as the applications cannot be shared that way across PCs, at least not until some genius at (doubtlessly) Google develops this capability. (Probably on Android but I digress.)

All in all Mouse Without Borders has some value as it can be used to cross several PCs in a novel way, similar, but not quite identical to a KVM switch. However without some serious improvements to the security as well as with the cross PC application sharing, that’s all it will remain, a novelty.

Having said that it’s free so why not give it a try? Who knows, YOU might like it. I don’t. 6/10

┬╣Windows Firewall must be turned on to UNINSTALL the software too, but it was easily removed from the Add/Remove Programs section of the Control Panel.


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