Prepac’s Floating Desk Solves Your Spatial Issues

A desk has become the most obtrusive yet necessary item in your home.  Sure, you can try and go straight laptop, but then where do you put bills, stamps, pens, FedEx envelopes, and other documents that you need accessible at moment’s notice?  Design company Prepac is offering their help solving your furniture conundrum with their new Floating Desk with Shelves.  The sleek  unit is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and is stable enough to hold your computer.  The desk measures 42.25″ Width / 39.5″ Height / 19.75″ Depth, and is available in 3 different finishes, making it perfect for any home office, den, living room, kitchen or entryway.  Why take up unnecessary space, when you don’t have to?  You can read more here, and can get yourself one by visiting your favorite search engine.



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