Tractive Lets You Catch Your Pet In The Act

I’m convinced that when we leave for the day my cat eats our food, watches cable, and surfs the Internet, leaving no trace for us to discover.  Most of those things don’t bother me, but I’ll be dammed if I want her gross litter box paws in the Trader Joe’s Cookies that I give to my son.  Now there’s a way for me to watch her sneaky little feline tush get into mischief, and it’s called Tractive.  The app and hardware works with your smartphone to track your pet’s whereabouts in real time.  All you need to do is establish a “Safe Zone” in which you want your pet to stay within, and when they travel out of it you get a notification on your phone.   Other than giving you a map of where your furry friend has been,  you can also keep track of veterinarian appointments, medical info, and other useful info.  But, you really have to want to know with this one, because it will run you $66 for the first year, and $133 each additional.  Get yours here starting in March.



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