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Waterfield iPad Smart Case

If you were lucky this Christmas season, Santa left you a brand new shiny iPad under your tree. Now that you have it for a couple weeks, loaded it up with every version of Angry birds and you’re still possibly using the plastic cover that covered your iPad as the screen protector, it’s time to get some real protection. The Waterfield iPad Smart Case will protect your little baby in fine style.
Waterfield iPad Smart case front, color: flame


The first thing that greets you when you open the box from Waterfield is the quality of the product. You take one look at it and you know that no corners were cut. It looks and feels like a high quality product.


iPad smart case
The design looks simple but you get the impression that if you were to drop the iPad that it will survive to see another day, more on that later . The case looks sleek thanks to no visible stitching. All Smart Cases come with a low-profile pocket that can hold your sync/charging cable, power adapter, car keys or wallet. One of the smartest design features of the case is that lining inside the case actively cleans the screen when you remove the iPad. The iPad fits very snug with or without a Apple smart case. To help get your iPad out of it’s cozy home, there is a tag at the base of the case that you can hold onto to aid in the process of ejecting the device.


As Waterfield puts it, “at under-an-inch thin, this case sports luxurious padding to keep your new iPad mini, iPad 4, or iPad 3 (all with or without the Smart Cover) snug and secure, yet quickly accessible.” I personally did not drop test my iPad, my kids did unintentionally did and thankfully it was housed securely in it’s home away from home aka the Waterfield iPad Smart case and did survive to see another day. (As a side note I did take away the iPad from the kids and gave them the iPad I had when I was a kid, called the iPaper and iCrayon)
Waterfield iPad Smart case snug fit closeup


The Waterfield iPad Smart Case is a high quality, stylish, aesthetically pleasing case that offers stellar protection without the bulk.

4.5 out of 5

Price: $57-59
Comes in 6 colors: green, flame, copper, pine, pearl, or black
Designed for: iPad 2,iPad 3,iPad 4 or iPad mini

Waterfield iPad Smart case pouch with stuff

What others are saying

Cult of Mac: 4 out 5

There is not a logo or label to be found. I don’t like to be walking advert for companies, and the absence of a logo makes the sleeve more mysterious. Even the stitching is hidden. What is completely visable however, is the quality of this case.

Macworld: 4.5 out of 5

With its excellent fit and finish, a nice selection of colors, and just enough padding, the Smart Case is very nice sleeve indeed.



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