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There exists a proverb that, when loosely translated from its original Italian, says: “Do not judge a book by its cover.” Occasionally however, it becomes obvious that this proverb does not apply to marketing.

Let me revise that, it’s not so occasional, it’s actually rather often that we are made to judge a product by its cover. Case and point, Zombie Burbz.

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Zombie Burbz is a cross platform app that unlike 99.9% of other apps, can be bought from a physical store, within a shiny box and it’s a good job too because frankly, had it not been for the shiny box, they’d have sold a grand total of 14 copies of it.

Once you get past the nice packaging and the cute figurines that are included, and are to be used to control the game, you are left with a tediously repetitive game. Much like a zombie itself, the game just keeps on knocking its rotting hand against your car window, unable to break it for lack of strength, and incapable of simply opening the door by using the handle for lack of ingenuity.

The game itself is a repetitive tower defense meets Plants vs Zombies, clear the level and move on to the next which is essentially identical to the previous one but with slightly more zombies. Once in a while you will change background and move from a cafeteria to a school yard setting, but not often enough and although the graphics are acceptable, they are far from being glorious.

For 9$ though, you get 4 figurines, one of which is required to “unlock” the free downloadable app and admittedly, the figurines are rather nice. However there are only a few different models meaning that like the game itself, the packaging will sport a very affordable lack of variety.

There is also another slight problem, for example, the back of the packaging shows the minimum requirements as being “Android 2.3.3 device” which can mean anything from a 10″ Toshiba tablet, to a tiny (and I mean tiny) LG Optimus One smartphone, which would render trying to play while using the figurines about as practical as picking up your loose change with boxing gloves on.

In fact the game is barely playable on a Nexus 7 tablet because of the limited screen size. It does however work nicely even with the oldest iPad known to man.



-Cute collectible figurines

-Can actually be giftwrapped and presented as a gift (to someone you don’t like.)


-Limited number of available figurines

-Extra figurine purchase is required to unlock certain parts of the game which can make the game expensive in the long run (provided you stick it out that long.)

-Extra repetitive gameplay

-Graphics are ordinary

-Using the figurines to control the action can be hit and miss

-Impractical with smaller than full size tablets

To conclude here, although the packaging looks nice and the price is about right, this isn’t a product I can recommend. Although it’s difficult to put a score on the game because I couldn’t play through the whole thing since at a certain point you’re required to purchase a further pack of figurines, I can foresee that this is in fact not, the future of tablet gaming.


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