Rhino Shield Makes Your iPhone Virtually Indestructible

Having a thin phone is great, until you realize that slimness means an increased probability of dropping it. Let’s face it, we’re all idiots. It doesn’t matter how much money we spend, or how important these damn phones are to us, we’re still going to drop them in toilets, or on the street case-less.

But now there’s a way to protect your screen from breaking, and from yourself. It’s called the Rhino Shield, and it’s totally impact resistant.  The screen-protector is made from a a series of layers, and is coated with a scratch resistant nanometer and stick-free oleophobic technology.  The front runner in this genre is Gorilla Glass 2, and the Rhino can absorb 5 TIMES the amount of impact.  The glass is actually only three times thicker than a sheet of paper, so you’ll have no trouble seeing what’s on your screen.  Check out the video below and visit their Kickstarter page for more!




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