Titanium Escape Ring Packs a Shim and a Saw

As a law abiding citizen in relatively peaceful country, the chances of me finding myself handcuffed are pretty low – almost zero to be precise – but that doesn’t make me want a Titanium Escape Ring any less.

The ring packs in a tiny stainless steel multi-tool, which includes a tiny saw and shim. The saw can be used to cut through cable ties, duct tape and rope, while the shim is designed with single-lock handcuffs in mind… very cool. When removed from the ring, the multi-tool measures 2 inches (51 mm) x 1/8 inches (3.2 mm) x 1/64 inches (0.4 mm) and is completely concealed by the ring. The only trouble, as I can see it, is that a saw/shim that size would be really, really easy to drop – that and rings are the sort of things that the kind of people who tie people up are likely to steal.

Price: $60 [via Gizmag]


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