Aluboo Aluminum and Bamboo Bicycles

Aluboo bicycles are an offshoot of the famous Boo bicycles. The difference is that the Aluboo frames use a more affordable aluminum/bamboo construction instead of carbon fiber/bamboo. There is only one type of frame, but it comes with a selection of hub spacings that allow you to build them into just about any type of bicycle that your imagination can concoct.

According to the folks at Aluboo, bamboo helps to absorb vibration – while I cannot personally attest to this phenomenon in bicycles, I have certainly experienced it with my Landyachtz Drop Carve long board. Given all the extra material between a bicycle rider and the road, I would expect vibration dampening effect to be a good deal more pronounced.

The Aluboo is a Kickstarter project and while that can entail a degree of risk, the people behind it have made bicycle frames before – so they have the equipment and know what they are doing. It is also worth mentioning that they have already blown past their $50,000 funding goal with $65,513 pledged and 29 days to go.

Price: $645 for the frame set (early-bird special), $945+ for a complete bicycle. If you want to ship outside of the United States, be prepared to hand over an extra $225 for the frame and $400 for a complete bike for shipping.

[Kickstarter via The Awesomer]


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