Pelican Vault iPhone 5 Case Looks Ready for War

Pelican has been making some of the best tough gear cases on the market for a good long time, so when we heard about their new ProGear™ CE1180 Vault Series iPhone Case, our expectations were high – we were not disappointed.

The Pelican ProGear™ CE1180 Vault Series iPhone Case looks like it is going to take tough cases in an interesting new direction. Most similar products use a simple soft-shell/hard-shell hybrid construction: it is super-easy to install and provides excellent drop protection, but it leaves a few boxes unticked when it comes to protecting your phone from the elements. The CE1180 Vault trades in ease of installation for, what looks to be, superior protection – as you can see from the image above, the front of the case is secured by hex screws. If you find yourself outside in extreme weather conditions, that makes for a much better seal around the screen. Pelican also took the trouble to shield both cameras with optical-grade glass.

While I have yet to get my hands on one, I love the look, the engineering looks nice and precise and it really looks like Pelican has gone the extra mile to provide the protection without sacrificing too much functionality. From the looks of things, it probably is not dockable, and the bulk around the edge of the screen might make swiping off the screen a little bit trickier – but these are compromises that all tough case owners have learned to make.


• Full-seal design defends against extreme wind-driven snow, rain and dust
• Water-resistant microphone and speaker covers provide high fidelity audio
• Slimmer and lighter than other smartphone case designs
• Optical glass on both camera areas
• Guaranteed for life


I have literally lost count of the number of phones that have fallen prey to my clumsiness – my iPhone 5 was spared the same fate by a humble Otterbox Commute. The Pelican ProGear™ CE1180 Vault Series iPhone Case takes things a few steps further – it looks even sturdier than the Commute’s big brother, the Defender – in a sleeker package. What’s not to like?

Price: $79.95 (coming soon) [Source]


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