QWERTY Keyboard Sofa by Zo-Loft…(Get it? Zoloft? Ha! Oh, Wait, That’s for Depression.)

Geek Chic is defined with this piece of functional art.  The QWERTY Sofa is an adjustable leather couch that represents probably the most used item in our day to day lives- the keyboard.  From the designer:

Thanks to micro electric motors controlled by a remote control, every single key/cushion is adjustable in height to give total freedom to the full available surface. In this way, the furniture becomes a playful carpet, a comfortable support but an unconventional surface, to let the users to be able to design new configurations useful for everyday life, and to be happy to finally sleep on their keyboard.

Brilliance.  But the question is: can we actually buy this thing?  I’m not entirely certain you can, but you can check out the design team’s website, and perhaps contact them for details.  You don’t expect me to do all of the work for you, do you?

And for the design firm, let me offer a few suggestions:

1) Sell this.  People will probably buy it.

2) Consider changing your name from Zo-loft to Ambien.

You’re welcome.






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