3D-Printable Cyvasse [Game of Thrones]

Cyvasse is the chess-like game that makes an occasional appearance in Game of Thrones. If you wanted to play it, you were out of luck… until now – thanks to a guy by the name of Arian Croft, of IllGottenGames and his friend Nate Stephens.

Croft and Stephens used a combination of rules mentioned in George R. R. Martin’s books and applied period-specific game rules (while bearing in mind the games that Martin mentioned as his inspiration for Cyvasse) to create a playable game. What’s more, they were kind enough to make it 3D-printable – which means you don’t have to pay the iron price to get your hands on a board and a set of pieces.

If you own or have access to a 3D printer, you can find everything you need to build your Cyvasse set here, if not – perhaps it is time to start thinking about joining or even starting a hacker space.

[Reddit via TechCrunch]


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