Chinese Farmer Builds Own Bionic Arms

Sun Jifa is a farmer from Jilin province in northern China who lost both of his arms in an explosive fishing device-related mishap. His dissatisfaction with the first pair of prosthetic arms that he bought prompted him to go out and build a bionic pair of his own.

As you can see from the video, the arms are very effective: he is able to remove a cigarette from a packet and light it, hold a glass, use farming implements and even wield a hammer. He has slightly different designs for both arms due to the position of the amputations; one uses upper-arm movement to determine when the hands should be opened or closed, the other uses wrist movements. The design took him eight years to perfect.

After building his own arms, Sun Jifa has become something of a local hero, as he has gone on to craft prosthetics for other amputees. To date, he has built around 1,000.

Sun Jifa, a farmer from China’s northern Jilin province, lost both his arms after an explosive fishing device went off prematurely. And since a low-grade set of prosthetic arms he bought weren’t any good in his farming activities and he was unable to afford a pair of expensive ones, he went all DIY on it.

He spent eight years crafting and perfecting his own steel bionic arms from scratch with little direction but his own intuition, and after becoming somewhat of a local celebrity for doing it, he started building them for other people too – at present, he has sold around 1,000 of them.

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