Felt App: Because EVERYTHING About Buying Cards Sucks

Ok, where do I start?  Buying cards are annoying; they’re expensive; by the time you think to do it there are never any good ones left; they never sound like something you’d actually say….or feel; should I keep going?  I’ll spare you, but if you’re a person, especially a dude, buying cards is annoying in every sense of the word.  And as if you actually ever wanted to here “There’s an app for that!” ever again, Felt gives you a reason to beat the proverbial dead horse.

That’s right, kids, there’s a new, FREE app for the iPad that allows you to create your own card, personalize it, and even have it sent out for you!  Using the pen type and color of your choice, you can write your own personal message on the inside of the card, as well as the recipient’s address on the envelope.    The card will be printed on fancy card stock and sent, without you ever having to lift your fat tuchus up off of the couch.  And all it will cost you is a measly $4!   You can download it here for $Free-99.  Or, you can probably get it from where you always get apps from.



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