Philips Jamie Oliver HomeCooker Promises Effortless Home-cooked Meals, Let’s Hope it Delivers

I remember a few years ago when the first all-in-one cooking gadgets started making an appearance. They weren’t cheap, but they tapped an unmet need – for a quick, easy and relatively tasty home-cooked meal without the effort. I don’t know whether the Philips HomeCooker, which is the result of a collaboration between Philips and Jamie Oliver will be the appliance that finally takes all-in-one cooking gadgets mainstream – but if it doesn’t, something like it probably will.

The HomeCooker shows that all-in-one cooking technology might finally be ready to hit the mainstream. The unit is able to stir, sauté, simmer, melt, steam, stew, boil, and fry – all at precise temperatures. It boasts a “5-in-1 DirectCut” feature that allows vegetables, meat and cheese to be sliced, shredded or Julienned to produce meals ranging from pasta meals to curries, risottos, stews, vegetables, soups, and braised concoctions.

At $400 the Philips HomeCooker will still be too pricey for a lot of people, but when you factor in the cost of eating out and the damage that fast food causes to your body, then it seems quite reasonable. We have yet to taste the end results, but cooking scientifically tends to yield consistent results. No word as of yet whether this will make its way outside of Europe.

Price: ~$400 [Gizmodo]


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