DIY Speakers Kit Puts You in Full Command of Your Listening Enjoyment

We all love electronics but some of us you love their inner-workings as well.  Imagine if your smartphone came deconstructed, and you had to follow instructions to put it together.  Sounds awful to me, but some of you may be thinking “AWESOME!”  Well, you’ll still have to rely on toddlers in China for now, but the DIY Speakers Kit does allow you the same experience with a key aspect of your stereo equipment.

The kit comes complete with a custom designed amplifier and all of the components you’ll need to create your own, handmade boomin’ system.  Don’t worry, there’s a manual, but you will have to break out the soldering tool.  The cool thing is that the kit allows you to create speakers out of virtually anything, so you’ll have “Yeezus” blaring out of your Honey Nut Cheerios box in no time!

Get yours here for just $45.



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