Protect Your Guns In a Bullet-resistant Sofa

The CouchBunker might look like a regular, boring sofa, but normal sofas don’t weigh in at a backbreaking 900 lbs – nor do they hold guns or stop bullets. The CouchBunker does and also functions as a guest bed.

It looks like it would perform its sofa duties reasonably well, and as a bonus, it also folds out into a bed. Removing the cushions reveals a gun safe secured by two Mul-T-Locks and a key. The safe is approximately half the size of a queen-sized bed. The safe measures 78? long, by 29.5? wide, and 14? deep and is lined with a two-hour fire wall. According to the manufacturer, Heracles Research, the dimensions make it big enough to house a veritable arsenal: 30 rifles, with enough spare space for ammunition and some handguns. Back to those cushions, the CouchBunker ships with regular cushions, armored cushions are an optional extra that will set you back $400 piece.

The armored cushions have handles on the sides, which allow them to be used as shield. The actual armor comes in the form of 20 x 24 in (50.8 x 61 cm) ceramic plates, which are capable of stopping a .44 magnum at point blank range.

Price: $5,036 – 7,068 (depending on materials) for the sofa; $400 for the bullet-resistant cushions. [via Gizmag]


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