Triggertrap Redsnap Will Trigger Your Camera With Just About Anything

If you are in the market for a good electronic camera trigger then you owe it to yourself to take a long, hard look at the Triggertrap Redsnap – it is modular and expandable.

Consider the Redsnap something of a base block. It accepts up to two of the following sensors at one time: a laser sensor (with built-in laser), a light sensor, a passive infrared sensor, and a sound sensor. Triggertrap plans to release more sensors in the future.

The dual sensor input system makes for some interesting possibilities. It could, for example, be set up to trigger for two separate events (i.e. light and sound), or you could restrict things so that it takes a combined event from both sensors to trigger the shot. All this would be awesome in and of itself, but the Redsnap also features three trigger outputs – which allows for, you guessed it, up to three cameras (or flashes) to be hooked up to the same set of triggers.

At present, the Redsnap is up for funding on Kickstarter. It has already blown past its £50,000 goal with ~£128,000 worth of pledges – all this with 22 days to go.

Price: £35 (~$57 USD) gets you the basic kit, which is able to shoot time-lapse photos. Adding a light sensor to the mix will set you back £60 (~$97 USD), and a complete high-speed kit with laser and sound sensors costs £90 ($145 USD). For more details, head to the Redsnap Kickstarter page.


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