94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball Helps You Improve Your Game Without Having to Remember Things

Chances are you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of having an NBA career, but that’s what having children is for.  So whether you’re prepping junior to carry out your hoop dreams vicariously, or just trying to impress the other guys your weekly pick-up game, here’s the ball for you.  Yes, now there’s a smartball, and with the help of your smartphone, it can help you improve your game by tracking your style, dribbling ability, and shot percentage just to name a few features.

The ball records all of this data, and sends it straight to your phone so you can improve your overall game.   Using realtime visual and audio feedback, the app points out any mistakes and strengths, and adjusts itself automatically according to your skill level, while increasing the difficulty gradually to insure you reach your goals.

You can get your Smart Sensor Basketball here for $295.





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