Boomf Puts Your Instagram Photos Right Where You’ve Always Wanted- On Marshmallows

If you’re like me, your brain is filled with great ideas.  And though I’ve come up with some brilliant ones, none have been quite as important to the well-being of the human race as Boomf.  This service connects to your Instagram account and allows you to print your favorite IG selfie’s on marshmallows.  That’s right….I said marshmallows.  A box of 9 will run you $20, and the company ships worldwide in anywhere between 2 days and a few weeks, depending on what country you call home.  So while you’re coming up with the next bright use for renewable energy, you can at least drink hot cocoa with a picture of your significant other making duck lips, throwing a peace sign, and wearing shades in a dark night club.  Check out Boomf here…..and get your…..Instagram photos…….on marshmallows……






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