Ratio Eight, Pour Over Coffee Making Never Looked This Good

The Ratio Eight is the automatic pour-over coffee brewer that you never knew you needed.

I must admit to initially having mixed thoughts about the Ratio Eight. Pour over coffee tastes fantastic and is pretty hard to screw up – why does it need to be automated? While I love the simplicity of boiling up a measured amount of water and pouring it over a measured amount of ground coffee – I do concede that Sunday morning’s delightful ritual can be Monday morning’s chore. My automatic espresso machine gets the amount of use that it gets precisely because it is automatic. If you drink a lot of the black stuff, then it will make a weird sort of sense.

Rationalization finished, let’s get back to the machine. The Ratio Eight is a stylish-looking automatic pour over brewer with a 1400W heating element. As for the design features: the top and base are made of die cast aluminum with nickel-plated finish. The water tank, supply lines (pipes) and carafe are all made of laboratory-grade borosilicate glass. Why does that matter? Because lab-grade glass doesn’t crack anywhere nearly as easily as the regular stuff. The carafe is able to hold Chemex filters or an Able Kone stainless steel filter – anything else just has to be the right size.

At present, the Ratio Eight is priced at $395 – it will later go up to $480. It is not cheap, by any stretch of the imagination, but it is US made and looks built to last. It also looks remarkably easy to disassemble, which makes a big difference when you feel the urge to tinker or when things go wrong.

Price: $395 – 480 [via Uncrate]


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