iFixit Pro Tech Tool Kit Will Give You the Tools You Need to Pretend Like You Know How to Fix Computers

The other day I installed a light-fixture in my house for the first time.   It went pretty well, and now I can add that to my repertoire.  But you know one thing I will NEVER attempt to fix?  My computer.  Nope, I’ll leave that for the Genius Bar.

But perhaps you’re more of a man than I am, and when something goes awry on your personal computer you instantly say “I bet its the flux capacitor! I can totally fix that!”  Sound like you?  Then check out the iFixit Pro Tech Tool Kit.  If you fancy yourself a DIY Maven, this is the perfect set for you.  The kit comes with 70 pieces and includes a 54-bit driver kit, anti-static wrist strap, spudgers, tweezers, opening tools, knives and more, and can easily be rolled up into a velcro carrying cloth.

Because iFixit is an electronics repair site and spare parts store, the kit was put together from their thousands of free repair guides,is designed to open all mainstream laptops, cellphones and similar devices.  I guess that about covers it, no?  You can get yours here for $65.




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