Menthal App Will Have You Feeling Really Bad About How Much Time You Spend on Your Smartphone

Most of us probably suffer from some level of smartphone addiction. Ever care to find out just how much time you’re spending on social media, texting, tweeting, etc? Now there’s an app that will either help you to cut down on your smartphone time, or make you feel bad about yourself, or both.

It’s called Menthal, but it has nothing to do with minty cigarettes. Instead it’s a free Android app that monitors how we use our smartphones, and what we use them for. Even better it compares your potential addiction to that of the rest of the population, to either reenforce that you do in fact have a problem, or let you know that you could be spending a few more hours a day on Facebook.  Once compiled the data is scored, and much like a blood-alcohol level test, you’re hoping for a low one.

The app does oh so much more, and if you want to download it for yourself then just click here.  Admitting it is the first problem.





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