Reach-around Qwerty Makes a Weird Kind of Sense [TREWGrip Mobile Qwerty]

If you hate touchscreens and are itching to make your tablet more productive then you might want to take a look at the Trew Grip keyboard. At first glance it looks a clunky and inelegant solution to the touchscreen typing problem, but a closer look reveals that it actually makes a lot of sense.

The makers of the TREWGrip Mobile Qwerty have essentially taken a Qwerty keyboard, folded it in half and rotated the halves so that your fingers sit in the same positions (except that they are aligned vertically instead of horizontally). If you touchtype, then it shouldn’t take too much figuring out, because your fingers will be moving the same distance in the same directions to reach the keys. According to the manufacturer, it takes about 10 hours to learn and should offer a 15 words-per-minute speed improvement over touchscreen keyboards.

The keyboard is iOS and Android compatible and will be available from Q4 for the staggering price of $250-350.



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