Ring Safe Will Help You Avoid Arguments With Your Wife

Most married men know that wearing your wedding ring everyday is the right thing to do.  But since our rings tend to be bulky and masculine, we often take our rings off when doing manly things like lifting weights, playing sports, fixing things, or moisturizing.   But where do you put it to ensure that you won’t lose it?  The answer is: you don’t have an answer, because in reality there is no good place.  That’s where RingSafe becomes ideal.

This Kickstarter-funded invention is essential to anyone, both male and female, that has to remove their wedding or engagement ring on a regular, or semi-regular basis.  Made from stainless steel, this modern clasp will secure your ring both quickly and elegantly.  It can accomodate rings sizes 3 and up, and widths up to 7mm, or larger with a custom order.  The small loop on the opposite end is perfect for chains up to 4mm in diameter as well as key rings, giving you a go-to spot for your most precious hunk of metal.

The product is expected to launch in the next few months, and go for $49.99.  You can find out additional information, help to fund the project, or get yours here now.





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