Solar Cooler Charges Gadgets, Makes Ice

The Solar Cooler that you see in the image above is the work of one Ryan McGann, who began working on one of the first world’s biggest problems – the inability to keep beer cold on the beach for extended periods of time – back in the dark ages of 2004.

The result is a 50-pound cooler with solar panels and two big wheels to help drag it across sand. McGann’s Solar Cooler comes with a battery that is good for up to 10 hours of use and charging ports for USB-powered gadgets. While properly chilled beer and making ice on the beach are exciting possibilities, McGann is planning on putting the money earned from the Solar Cooler into creating a medical transportation version that can be used in developing countries – a noble endeavor indeed.

The Solar Cooler is priced at, ahem, $1,200 – which will put it out of reach of most people. If you spend extended periods of time camping then it could be worth it – and the fact that you will be helping fund. The Solar Cooler is currently available, but McGann is preparing to launch an Indiegogo campaign, which should see his manufacturing capacity go up and may help bring the price down to more affordable levels.

[Solarcool Tech via Cnet]


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