Yellow Jacket Stun Gun iPhone Case is Far More Protective Than Your iPhone Case

We all love our phones as much as we love our children.  So much like the carseats we put our babies in for save travel, protective phone cases are essential.  So what do you have, a little plastic job?  Maybe a Mophie?  Yeah, those are cool, but none will protect you if someone snatches your bag and runs.  That’s where the Yellow Jacket iPhone 5 Case comes in.

This amped up version of the manufacturer’s previous model includes a detachable stun gun pack, ambidextrous triggers, dual safety mechanisms, and LED battery indicators.  This way your phone is protected from damage, always keeps a charge, and allows you to go Ivan Vanko on a m*****r f****r if necessary.  The case is compatible with the iPhone 5/5s, is set to release in February, and should go for $149.99.  You can get yours here.



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