Marty McFly’s Outfit On A T-Shirt? Yes, Please.

When my mind drifts, I often ponder some of life’s most important questions:

1. Is there an afterlife?

2. Why does guacamole taste so good?

3. Is time travel real?

I have a theory on #’s 1 and 2, but #3 is a doozy.  And though I possess no scientific talents, or knowledge of how a flux capacitor would actually work, I do dream of climbing in a Delorian and travelling back to a simpler time.  Until that day comes, I can at least rock the proper gear to get me back to the days of malt shoppes and poodle skirts.

For just 24 American Dollars, you too can wear the exact layered look sported by one Michael Andrew Fox, when he appeared in the 80’s classic “Back to the Future,” with just one polyester tee.  Not sure why it’s not cotton, but what do I know about textiles anyway?  Honestly, need I say more?  Get yours here.




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