Nose-breathing Snorkel Is A Much Better Idea Than It Sounds [Easybreath]

The Easybreath Snorkel is an interesting new take on the snorkel that will make things a little easier for people who have trouble breathing through their mouths – by letting them breathe through their noses.

I must admit that upon looking at the Easybreath, I struggled to see the point. Yes, breathing through your mouth underwater can be daunting, even frightening the first time, but it is a nice habit to get into if you ever want to get into SCUBA diving. There are also some practical considerations: when you need to clear the snorkel of water, you blow very hard through the mouthpiece; and when you need to equalize the pressure in your ears, you squeeze your nose and blow through your nose.

The thing with the Easybreath is that it does not necessarily impede either of these functions. You can still breathe through your mouth and in the event that you did find your snorkel flooded, you could presumably clear it without filling your mask up with snot. Equalization looks a little more problematic, but by the time that ear pressure becomes a problem, most people would have graduated to the real thing – so not being able to do it would not really be a problem. All things considered, it looks like it would make snorkeling a much more comfortable experience for children and beginners.

[Tribord via Geekologie]


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