Parking Ticket Challenging App Aims to Save You Time and Money

If you drive, chances are you’ve been there.  You come back to your car to find that the garbage bag tied around the parking meter was not done so by the police, but rather a drunk dude-bro on his way home from a night of hammering shots of Jaegermeister.   So sorry, pal, the meter worked just fine and you just didn’t put in any money.  

Could you have beaten this ticket?  Probably not, but what if in fact you could have gotten justice for the reasonable doubt created by the bag that was covering the meter screen?  Now there’s an iPhone app called Fixed that takes the guessing out of this type of scenario, and helps you to beat potentially unjust parking tickets.

It works by opening the app and taking a picture of the ticket in question,, and they “take care of the rest.”  If you win, you only pay them 25% of the parking fine, and if not, you owe them nothing.  If this goes as planned, it sounds pretty awesome, no?  Currently the app is in the early stages, but keep an eye out for it’s development.  You can check it out here.





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