Remote Control Snow Plow Saves You From Back Surgery

If you’re like me, and live in a place that has given you the pleasure of shovelling approximately 70 inches of snow this Winter, then you’ve probably asked yourself “Should I just bite the bullet and buy a damn snow blower already?” Well not so fast, compadre, there may be something cooler. Now granted, it costs just shy of 8 grand, but if you want the best and most technologically advanced then look no further.

Robot manufacturer and part supplier SuperDroid Robot is now proud to offer the 6 wheel drive remote control snow plow, sure to make harsh winters seem like a breeze. The plow is powered by six 24-volt 127RPM electric motors, and packs a 52-inch wide blade. At a hefty 400 pounds, it’ll wipe away your 21 inch downfall like dust in the wind, and all you’ll need is your trusty joystick. Again, it ain’t cheap, but if you want yours you can purchase it here and show mother nature who’s boss. Check out the video below:



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