Analogue Nt Allows You to Remember the Good Ole Days of NES Gamin

For those of you that still believe the OG Nintendo system is the greatest gaming system of all time, pay attention.   You know those crappy systems that come pre-loaded with all of the old NES games, but with fake titles?  This isn’t that.

That’s right, folks, Presenting the Analogue Nt- a gaming system that “sets a precedent, and opens a door to the highest quality way to experience the NES and Famicom.”  Designed around the “heart and brain” of the original Nintendo system, and constructed from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum, the Analogue has a library of over 2000 of your favorite tites.

The system allows for up to 4 players to enjoy all of the retro greatness, and experience it with hi-fi audiophile sounds, and videophile graphics.  Respect the OG, my gaming friends, and pre-order yours here now.





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