“Artist” Smokes 100 Cigarettes at Once, Because “Art”

Watch as “artist” Wyatt Burns burns down and smokes a hundred cigarettes at once. To be fair, he doesn’t stay in his contraption for long enough to actually smoke all of the cigarettes and I suspect that he held his breath during his “performance” – but who cares? It’s “art” for art’s sake.

If you detect a hint of sarcasm from all of the quotation mark overuse, it is because I am of the mind that the performance of stupid stunts should not be elevated to the status of art. Burns near-asphyxiation is amusing and might have roused a chuckle from yours truly, but I fail to see any artistic merit whatsoever. Moreover, I would go as far as saying that anyone who does is more than likely pretentious, misguided or both.

[via Sploid]


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