Origami Couch Folds Into Mat

If you have a tiny apartment that you don’t want taken up by seating, then this origami couch that folds into a mat could be the way to go.

The couch seems to be made of high-density foam, with a nylon exterior – with its folds providing the structural integrity that is needed to support the weight of a fully-grown human. At this stage, it seems that the couch is only a concept, but it definitely seems like something that could be made into reality.

This is something that I definitely would have appreciated in my tiny apartment days. Throw a thin futon on the mat and you have yourself a very comfortable sleeping platform. Folding and unfolding the thing every day would probably be too much of a chore, but most people would be prepared to do it when they need to entertain.

[via Gizmodo]


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