SlatePro Personal TechDesk- Perfect for 2014

Desks are great and all, but these days we need places to put our gadgets and be able to multi-task. Now this conundrum is solved with the release of the new SlatePro Personal TechDesk.   Made from high quality bamboo with hand-crafted steel legs, the desk features multiple docks for mobile devices, a heavy duty mouse pad, and a recessed cup holder so you can drink your fuel while you work.  The surface has been outfitted with a protective acrylic sheet, perforations to run wires through and make sure your laptop doesn’t overheat, and oh so much more.

The desk is currently on Kickstarter, so head on over there to make a donation.  I mean, they wanted $12,000 and have like $85,000 already but why not?  Also check out the pics and video below:




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