Wireless Muscle Mouse- Get Ripped Without Actually Moving

It’s no secret the internet-driven society we live in is made up mostly of out-of-shape shlubs, who spend most of their time sitting in front of a computer.  So leave it to the Japanese to come up with a device to make life easier.  The Wireless Muscle Mouse is a standard wireless mouse with a purpose other than moving your cursor.  With the help of two pads that can be attached to whatever part of your body needs to get toned, the mouse sends electronic pulses that are sure to have you competing in Mr. Olympia competitions in no time.

The pads have 10 different settings that range from not-so-much to “Holy crap, have you been working out?!?” and even have an automatic shut-off feature that protects you in case you actually doze off while emersed in a session.  I’m not sure if they offer a money back guarantee, but you can get yours here now for just a hair under $60.  Or you could join a gym.  No, that’s stupid.




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