Time Ripe for Plus-sized iPhone

Will the iPhone 6 come in two sizes? The rumor mill and some leaked presentation slides seem to suggest that Apple is cooking up something bigger than 4.5 inches. It seems more likely than ever that the iPhone 6 will have a >5-inch variant.

All but the most die-hard of Apple fanbois will probably have experienced Galaxy envy on a few occasions. While 4.5-inches might be fine for phone duties, casual gaming and some light browsing, it is too limiting to do much else. An extra inch of screen would change pretty much everything. Imagine not having to flip the screen to landscape mode to read a non-mobile-optimized web page – game changer right there. Picture a world where your on-screen keyboard was big enough that you did not have to rely on auto-correct to fix those all too frequent fat-fingered typos – it almost sounds like Utopia.

Historical precedent

Why now? Apple makes some beautiful devices, but they have a history of getting things amazingly right early on and then being too slow to adapt to the evolving needs of their customers. They become resistant to change, until it affects their bottom line. This is not limited to their phones, think about how long they held out on USB 3… or look further back to how long it took for Apple to jump on the Intel bandwagon.

The iPhone’s tiny screen and exorbitant price tag are starting to hurt sales. Things will slip away further unless they change one or both of those things (not necessarily on the same phone).


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