A Closer Look at Google’s Self-driving Car

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This video takes a closer look at regular people enjoying the pleasures of Google’s driverless cars. What pleasures? Being able to sleep through your morning commute for one.

Robots will, eventually, take all of our jobs away. Whether that makes for a future that is utopian or dystopian will largely depend on the side of the robot – human divide on which you stand. Do you make, repair, maintain robots, or run a primary industry that can replace humans with them? Your future will no doubt be rosy. Otherwise you are pretty much screwed.

That being said, there is no reason why we cannot or should not enjoy the ride on the downward spiral to obsolescence. Google’s self-driving car, for instance, might be bad news for taxi drivers – but the ability to get home safely after a big night out, without shaming yourself in front of humans, is something that I think that we shall all savor.

[via Googleblog]


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