LifeGuard Earthquake Proof Desk Could Save You From Being Shaken to Death


When you live in an earthquake-prone country, you have to come to terms with the fact that the walls could literally come crashing down around you – any minute of the day. LifeGuard Structures build earthquake resistant desks that have the potential to let you ride out a big one… a really big one.


To test one of their desks, the company put it in an old hospital that was being demolished. It not only survived the blast, it managed to hold two floors apart. The strength ratings of their different desks vary – some of the weaker ones are rated to handle 700,000 pounds of pressure, while the bigger, stronger models are said to be able to handle a million. That’s a lot of concrete. The desks also feature an emergency supply pack, to help sustain you while you wait for help.

There is no word on price, which no doubt means that they cost a lot, but the desks are built to withstand a literal apocalypse – and to look good while doing it. Given what the last big one in these parts managed to do, I would have no qualms about digging deep for something like this. I also like the thought of being able to throw a futon down there to make myself a little home away from home.

[LifeGuard Structures via RedFerret]


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