SlideRider Makes Your House More Awesome Than Your Neighbors’

sliderider1As a parent I know that stairs in your home can often be a recipe for disaster.  But why not turn the proverbial lemons into lemonade with SlideRider.   What started as the brainchild of Trisha Cleveland, is now in the prototype stages with the help of  The slide comes folded up and transportable, and consists of multiple mats that fold out into one long slide.  Once in slide form, SlideRider features side safety rails, to ensure your cabin-fever-stricken children (or drunk friends) don’t go head first into the banister.  The final mat is cushioned to avoid hitting the wall once you get to the bottom, and if this is picked up by developers you’ll be able to get one for yourself.  In the meantime you can follow the product’s progress here. sliderider2 sliderider3 sliderider4     sliderider5 sliderider6 [Source]


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