Chalkboard Wall Paint, a Fantastic Idea Trumped By Dusty Reality

The chalkboard wall paint idea is something that has been popping up for a while now. For those who are artistically inclined, the idea is not without merit – but there is a pretty big catch.

As a high school teacher, yours truly deals with chalkboards on a daily basis – for up to three or four hours a day. In the classroom, I will take a well-made chalkboard over a dry-erase board or projector any day, but not in my house. The merits of the chalkboard are many: chalk is cheap, you can see how much of it is left, chalkboards work when the power is out, they don’t distract students, they give the teacher time to think about the rest of his or her poorly-planned lesson… I could go on. The drawback, is the dust. Even the so-called “dustless” chalk produces mountains of the stuff.

So, while the idea of having a chalkboard wall for you and your friends to scrawl over ad libitum – if you use it often, you will have to deal with a lot more dust. As such, you might want to think twice if you have fabric sofas, fancy linen, or if you would describe yourself as allergy-prone.

Price: $15 (at the time of writing, it is reduced to $9.67) [via The Fancy]


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