Hephaestus Patio Pro, the Best Charcoal Grill You Will See This Week


Charcoal or gas isn’t a question that really needs to be asked. Charcoal tastes better and that is what counts. Charcoal grills also happen to be pretty versatile – but The Hephaestus Patio Pro looks to be the most versatile of them all. The Patio Pro features an adjustable firebox that allows you to grill, smoke and cook wood oven pizza in minutes, thanks to a pizza oven section that achieves temperatures of over 700 degrees and the 304 stainless steel construction that allows it to sustain them. Aside from the cooking functions, it can also do double duty as a patio heater.

As one would naturally assume, all of this multi-functional goodness comes at a price – and that price is two thousand six hundred dollars. That price is nothing to sneeze at, but for your money you are getting American craftsmanship and about 300 lbs of stainless steel – some would say that is a fair trade.

The one question that I have, without getting hands on, is how the grilling works. As great as everything looks, I don’t much like the idea of flipping steaks with a searingly hot door next to my hands – especially after six or seven beers.


Price: $2600 [via Uncrate]


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