How to Build Your Own Wireless Internet [PirateBox]

The PirateBox is the work of David Darts, an associate professor at New York University. The DIY system lets you share files with others in your own private network, it also runs a uPnP media server, chat room and an image and message board. Everything on the PirateBox is anonymous thanks to the ISP being removed from the picture.

The range of the PirateBox would likely be the limiting factor, but this author wonders whether it might be possible to make things really interesting with some clever directional antenna work. With a big enough antenna one would, theoretically, be able to set up relay points every few miles – thereby joining other PirateBox networks to a larger, off-the-books private Internet. Throw some VOIP in the mix and you have private voice communications – wouldn’t that make the NSA sad?

Here is a video of an earlier version of PirateBox in action.

The PirateBox website gives you all of the details that you need to build your own box. [via Technabob]


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