ISS Astronauts to Get Real Coffee

Italy’s first woman in space, Samantha Cristoforetti, will be bringing a little taste of home with her in the form of a modified espresso machine, which resulted from a collaboration between Italian coffee maker Lavazza, the Italian Space Agency and Argotec (the company that supplies food to the European Space Agency).

Making espresso in a zero-gravity environment is a complicated process, as such, this machine has to be able to withstand a massive 400 BAR of pressure (a regular espresso maker pulls in at about 15 BAR). That, combined with the “unconventional” methods of pressurization and aspiration, is likely the reason for this machines hefty 44-pound dry weight.

As of yet, there is no word on what the ISSpresso machine cost to build – but we roughly estimate the price of blasting it into orbit. At roughly $10,000 per pound of payload, the shipping alone comes in at $440,000.

[via Dvice]


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