PatchNRide Lets You Deal With Punctures on the Road [Cycling]


Fixing a punctured bicycle tire is reasonably easy, but it is way too much of a hassle to deal with mid-ride – which is why most distance riders travel with a spare tube or two. With the PatchNRide, that could very well become a thing of the past.


How does it work? Use the onboard leak detector to find the hole, stick the tip of the PatchNRide into the hole, press a button and wait for the adhesive patch to be applied from inside the tire. Once that is done, you can pump up the tire and get back on your bike. It sounds to good to be true – but at $30 for pre-order (and $60 thereafter), it is just cheap enough for a roll of the dice.

Price: $30 (pre-order); $60 afterwards [via Oh Gizmo]


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