Better Cooking Through Rocket Science [Flare Pan]

The pan that you use can make a tremendous difference to its heating efficiency and cooking quality. Flare Pans, which use FIN-X technology are the work of Oxford engineering professor Thomas Povey and his team of masters students. They claim that their pots will reduce the amount of energy required to reach temperature parity by 44%.

These more efficient pots unfortunately come with pretty hefty price tags. A small 20 cm saucepan will set you back a hefty GBP 49.99 (~USD 85.00) – prices get significantly more expensive for bigger pots and pans. Then there is the other little issue of the team’s use of aluminum – which they use for its excellent heat conduction. The problem with aluminum (or aluminium if you prefer) is that it is not ferrous – which renders it useless on IH stoves. It would likely make a good buy if you have a gas, electric or halogen cook-top, but will be rendered an expensive souvenir if you ever decide to switch over to induction cooking.


Price: From $85 [Via Oh Gizmo!


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