George R. R. Martin Issues PSA to Worried Fans (When He Should be Writing)

To the growing contingent of Game of Thrones fans who are concerned that he might not make it to the end of his series, George R. R. Martin has two words to say – and one of them isn’t pretty. But are the worried fans really that far out of line? All men, as the saying goes, must die (or Valar Morghulis if you prefer).

Martin is a husky man in his mid-sixties, which makes him a prime candidate for heart attack and stroke. He has been well-compensated for the many thousands of hours that he has no doubt spent writing the series, and many more hours have been collectively spent reading them than he did writing them – so while he is right to be offended, some might say that he has something of an obligation to uphold. Others would say that nobody has an obligation to create and that people who suggest otherwise are acting like entitled children.

In case you didn’t know, Martin has clued in the folks at HBO about how the series will end, should the unthinkable happen – fans will still be able to get some closure on the small screen. Fans of his books, however, would likely be left high and dry. That kind of sucks, but people die all the time, and when they do they often leave behind plenty of unfinished business. Death can be a major inconvenience and as sad as it all is – it is often a letdown. A year or two before my grandfather’s untimely death (at the same age that George R. R. Martin is now) from a major heart attack, he told me that when I was old enough, he would let me drive his tractor. As sad as his death was, I still remember that pang of disappointment, that the he was never able to fulfill his promise. Life, you will find, is full of such trivial disappointments that come about when people who are close to us shuffle of their mortal coil. If you haven’t learned that the hard way yet, you should have at least learned it from Game of Thrones.

If George R. R. Martin doesn’t make it through, I will be disappointed, but I won’t hold it against him. It has been a long time between books and I would be devastated to have to watch the rest of the television series without an all-knowing, self-satisfied smirk.

Long live George R. R. Martin.


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