Star Trek Phaser Universal Remote [Preview]

At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Think Geek will be pulling the wraps off their officially-licensed Star Trek Phaser Universal Remote Control.

The remote, which works with a wide range of infra-red compatible electronics, can store up to 36 commands, some of which can be activated by flick and tilt gestures. On top of that, it also includes a TV-B-Gone-esque TV killer. Mix all of that together with flashing colors, phaser and Enterprise sound effects and vibration feedback – and you have a remote that is probably a lot more interesting than the stuff it controls. As for build quality, it is a 1:1 scale model that was designed using 3D laser scans of Original Series Prop phasers and is built from nickel and brass-plated die cast metal. It comes with a magnetic stand and an Enterprise screwdriver for assembly.

I must admit that this has me tempted. I have separate remotes for my lights, air conditioner, TV and media player – and would love to handle everything by phaser.

Price: $150

[Via Technabob]


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